The Crossing Dead

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The Walking Dead meets Crossy Road in a single video game


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The Crossing Dead is a Crossy Road–style game where you have to advance through a setting full of obstacles and zombies. Fortunately you can move freely, and also use a large number of weapons.

Gameplay in The Crossing Dead is similar to that of Crossy Road, but with an essential difference: you can use the firearms you find around the level. These weapons can be really useful to get rid of the many zombies that will end your game if they touch you.

The objective each time you play is the same: to get as far as you can. And along the way, besides the many different dangers, you'll find coins and can use them to unlock more than 20 different characters – some original ones and some old favorites as well.

The Crossing Dead is a really fun arcade game that adds a certain element of novelty to a formula that already works perfectly. The graphics also retain the charm of the original game.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher